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At Todd Erler Workshops, I help organizations and teams cut through the chaos to solve problems and achieve their goals. I facilitate uniquely crafted workshops based on the specific needs of each client.

Image by Jason Goodman

If you're like me, you probably hate meetings where one or two people dominate the airtime and little to nothing gets accomplished. Drawing from over 25 years of experience working in the trenches as a classroom teacher, I've honed my skills in cutting through the chaos to address group dynamics head-on. Now, I specialize in facilitating workshops aimed at tackling the real issues faced by leaders like you:


  • Communication break-downs

  • Vision and goal misalignments

  • Resource allocation issues

  • Strategic planning challenges


My mission? To empower you to lead a team that not only gets things done but also works seamlessly together. Let me handle the process while you focus on driving your vision forward, transforming your organization into a well-oiled machine.

What My Clients Say

Todd skillfully guided us through a series of exercises that not only fostered creativity but also  provided a structured framework for our discussions. His ability to help us create a focused  agenda, zero in on crucial action items, and reach a consensus on a plan for the upcoming year was nothing short of remarkable.

- Kate Henderson

Todd put together an excellent workshop... and was able to bring the goals of the diverse group in to clear focus, allowing us to move forward with clarity, I would recommend Todd highly.

- John Ellis

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